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You order prints by going to (My Account) and selecting (Order Prints). Select the product you like to purchase and follow each step.
You can view our current prices by clicking on the (pricing) button on the navigation bar.
99% of the headshots we print are color.
The set up charge includes adding name and border plus preparing the image to print including color correction
It depends on the image. Call us at 323 954 1582 so that we can look at your image.
Yes, but make sure you use a laser printer and not an inkjet printer.
We have provided the option to upload a (logo) on the following products: 8x10, Campbell Cards, Business Cards, and Post Cards
We will call you if we feel you would be happier with retouching and you have not requested it.
No, we will email (retouching) results for approval for every photo that was retouched. Once (retouching) is approved, we will continue processing the order.
Minor retouching includes under eyes, blemishes, teeth and/or eye whitening.
We can email you a low res version for use on the internet.
Due to resolution, we can only crop about 1/3 of your image and still get a sharp print. Also, keep in mind that if we crop from the bottom, we also have to crop from the side to maintain the proportion.
We are located at the following address:
6907½ Melrose Avenue. (1-1/2 blocks east of LaBrea)
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Yes all orders will be shipped by mail unless you specify (pickup) in the (special instructions) field. Shipping charges will be waived on pickup orders.
Yes, but it is a good idea to come in and approve a sample print just to make sure you are happy with the print.

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